Is the Doc Rivers deal the right move for the Clippers?

Let’s face it.  The Clippers are in a bad position.  They most likely need to make a deal with the Celtics to get Doc Rivers and KG or face the reality of losing Chris Paul.

But, is it really the right move?  If the reports are correct the Clippers have to send DeAndre Jordan, a 1st round pick and one additional asset to the Celtics to complete the trade.  That’s asking for a lot in return for Doc Rivers and KG considering Rivers has reportedly made it known he won’t come back to the Celtics to rebuild.  From the Clippers position they might not have much of a choice if Chris Paul threatens to leave.  But, at the same time they better get a solid commitment from him before pulling the trigger on this deal.  This deal isn’t pretty if  Chris Paul still leaves after it’s completed.  Unfortunately both teams know the Clippers desperation and that’s why this deal is taking a while to complete.  The Celtics have all the leverage and are trying to get everything they can out of this deal.

I think it’s the right deal and it will get done.  But, this deal is a risk and if Chris Paul leaves the Clippers they will be worse off for making it.


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